Officials Uniforms

Official AIA licensed vendors are listed here as well as the retailers that utilize those vendors.  All officials must purchase an AIA licensed uniform from one of the vendors or retailers utilizing those vendors that are listed here.  Dye-Sublimated shirts will be required starting with the fall 2014 season.

Vendors (Licensed and Approved)

Retailers wanting to be able to sell AIA Officials uniforms should call one of the following licensed vendors:

445 Bryant St., Suite 3
Denver, CO 80204
P: 800-468-3284

Smitty Official Apparel
Joe DeRosa
P: 330-284-2172


Officials looking to purchase uniforms should visit or call one of the following retailers:

Boylin Enterprises
Boyd Morse
Green Valley, AZ
P: 520-419-2489

Touchdown Sportswear
Monte Ryan
8701 W. Grand Ave
Peoria, AZ 85345
P: 623-773-1852