Classifieds - Games Needed

Title Parker High School is in need of 3A Conference Games Posted February 14, 2020
School Parker High School Phone 928-669-2202 EXT. 1014
Email Fax 928-669-2315

Parker high School is looking for 3A Conference games for all team sports.  

Title Tennis Matches Needed Posted February 12, 2020
School Superior Jr./Sr. High School Phone (520)689-3100
Email Fax (520)689-3197

Superior Junior/Senior High School is looking for a few home/away tennis matches for both Girls and Boys Tennis. Please contact:


William Duarte

Principal/Athletic Director

520-689-3000 ext. 3114

Title Track Meet (1 or 2 teams needed) Posted February 6, 2020
School Valley Vista High School Phone 623-523-8850
Email Fax 623-523-8811

Valley Vista is seeking track team participants for a home track meet on April 22, 2022.  One or two teams needed.  All events will be run.

If interested please call AD Brad Larremore at 623.523.8850 or Head Boys Coach, Willie Walker at 623.523.8800 or at

Title Baseball Scrimmage Posted February 4, 2020
School Bourgade Catholic High School Phone 602-973-4000
Email Fax 602-973-5854

Bourgade Catholic is looking for a pre-season baseball scrimmage.  We are wiilling to host or travel.  If interested please contact Kim Higginbotham.

Title Coronado Track Meets needed Posted January 24, 2020
School Coronado High School Phone 480-484-6800
Email Fax 480-484-6801

Coronado High Schoolis looking to add 5-6 events to our schedule. We would be interested in 2 more Wednesday meets and 4 Saturday Invitational Meets. We would need this for both our boy and girls teams.


If you have availability, please email our coach, athletic assistant and athletic director, their contacts are below.


Mitch Armour- Track Coach-

John Rivera- Athletics Assistant-

Tony Miller- Athletic Director-

Title Boy's Varsity Tennis Posted January 23, 2020
School Miami High School Phone 928-425-3271 Ext. 1202
Email Fax 928-425-7027

Looking for an opponent to host on April 9th at 4:00pm for Boy's Varsity Tennis at Miami High School.

Title Varsity Softball Posted January 22, 2020
School Tempe Preparatory Academy Phone 480-839-3402
Email Fax 480-755-0546

Tempe Prep Academy is a 2A Charter School seeking to fill our Varsity Softball schedule.  If interested please email A.D. David Brittain at

Title 9/10 Softball Games Posted January 22, 2020
School Poston Butte High School Phone 480-474-6100
Email Fax 480-888-0679

Poston Butte High School is looking to add 9/10 softball games for the 2020 season. Ideally, we are looking for any 3A - 5A schools, but we are willing to play anyone. If you are also looking to add 9/10 softball games, please email me at:



Title Boys JV Volleyball Posted January 15, 2020
School North Valley Christian Academy Phone 623-551-3454
Email Fax

North Valley Christian Academy is looking for JV Boys Volleyball games for the Spring. If you are interested in scheduling a game please contact Teresa Collins at 623-551-3454.

Title Freshman Baseball and Softball Games Needed Posted January 8, 2020
School Casa Grande Union High School Phone 520-836-8500 ext. 3106
Email Fax 520-316-3353

Casa Grande Union High School is in need of freshman baseball and freshman softball games to fill our schedule. If interested, please contact Athletic Director Randy Robbins by phone or by email.

Title 2020 Sedona Girls Basketball Tourney Posted January 8, 2020
School Sedona Red Rock High School Phone 928-204-6702 or 260-224-1341 (Cell)
Email Fax 928-282-5992

We have just completed our 2019 tourney with great success. We are going to expand the tourney to include 16 teams

The cost will remain $425.00 with each team guaranteed 5 games.  We will have four pools of four teams on Thursday night and all day Friday and a pool placement tourney on Saturday.


We will have a bracket with all first place poll winners, and second place and so on.  Soo all teams will get 2 games on Saturday.


The dates are Dec. 10-11-12.


Teams already committed are:

Valley Christian----3A


Northland Prep-----2A

Newcomb HS from New Mexico

Kingman HS-------3A


Interested teams should contact:

Don Burton--Athletic Director/AP


260-224-1341 (Cell)

Title Golf Matches Needed Posted September 17, 2019
School BASIS Phoenix Phone 602-595-9870
Email Fax

Good afternoon,

BASIS Phoenix is a small 2A high school that is looking to create a spring coed golf team. We are looking for as many matches as possible, I know we are late to the process. Hosting matches is tricky for us, but we'd love to travel to you for a match. 

Title Track Races Needed Posted September 17, 2019
School BASIS Phoenix Phone 520-260-6485
Email Fax

Good afternoon,

BASIS Phoenix is a small 2A high school that is looking to create our first ever track team this year. We are looking for as many races as possible, I know we are late to the process. We practice on a dirt track, so couldn't host any races. But we would love to come to you for a race.