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Collin Anderson

Coconino High School

4A-5A Scholar Athlete Finalist

Collin is exceptionally personable, well liked, and respected by his classmates, teachers, coaches and the administrators at Coconino High School. In addition to his extraordinary athleticism, he is an excellent student and has worked diligently to maintain a strong 4.15 GPA while carrying a rigorous academic schedule. Collin embodies many characteristics that make him stand out from other students. He excels academically and is a disciplined and gifted wrestling. Throughout his time at CHS he has shown equal persistence and dedication as an athlete and a scholar.

Collin spends many volunteer hours mentoring younger students from the middle and elementary levels after school. He also assists his wrestling coaches by spending hours with younger students from the community.  Collin has been a great mentor and academic tutor to many people in the community as well.

Collin is still undecided where he will attend but he hopes to study Mechanical Engineering.


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