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Simon Zeng

Mesquite High School

Student of the Year

Simon has been an exemplary leader at Mesquite both in academics and athletics throught his four years. Frm the beginning of his freshman year, Simon exhibited a desire to get ahead in his classes by taking a rigorous course load. Simon graduated with a 4.0 GPA standing number two in his class of over 500 students.  Outside of the classroom Simon joined the tennis team freshman year and was a varsity member all four years. He was essential to the growth of the tennis team at Mesquite, encouraging his peers to join, even if they did not have prior tennis experience. His commitment to the sport can be seen all year round as he is out on the cour daily practicing or coaching his peers. Not only has Simon been succesful on the court he has also excelled in both music and speech and debate. 

Simon is a member of the National Honor Socitey, Ecology Club, and the Math and Science Club. He serves as a coach for the underclassman on the speech and debate team and as the President of ADL's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. During his senior year, he founded the Aspire Mesquite Club where he helps his fellow students by providing information on how to raise their ACT and SAT scores. In conjuction with the Aspire Mesquite club, he has organized a student run library that provides all students with the opportunity to access the preparatory materials necessary for success on standarized tests. Simon has a great interest in solar engineering and plans on developing things to help harvest the power of the sun. He has already invented a solar powered tennis ball machine that is able to serve up several types of shots.

Simon's future plans include attending a major university and becoming an electircal engineer.


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AIA Executive Board Meeting - 7:30 am - 11:59 pm

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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