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Red Mesa High School

School Information

Street Address HC 61
Mailing Address Box 40
City Teec Nos Pos
State AZ
Zip 86514
Phone 928-656-4177
Fax 928-656-4178
Web Site
School Store N/A
Map Click here for a map and/or driving directions
School District Red Mesa Unified School District
Conference 1A - North
School Colors Red, White, Blue
Mascot Redskins


Staff Directory

Name Robert Tollefson Phone (928) 656-4108
Position Superintendent Fax
Name Wenona Henry Phone (928) 656-4108
Position Executive Secretary Fax (928) 656-4302
Name Lucille Nez Phone (928) 656-4177
Position Principal Secretary Fax (928) 656-4178
Name Roland lee Phone (928) 656-4177
Position Assistant Principal Fax (928) 656-4178
Name Henrietta Haven Phone (928) 656-4122
Position Athletic Director Fax (928) 656-4178


Fall Sports for 2018-2019

Sport Cross Country - Boy's Placement Division IV Section III
Head Coach Jimmy Carl Email
Sport Cross Country - Girl's Placement Division IV Section III
Sport Football Placement 2A Little Colorado
Head of Security Pita Olomua Email
Sport Volleyball - Girl's Placement 1A North
Assistant Coach Andrea Lameman Email
Volleyball Head Coach Henrietta Haven Email


Winter Sports for 2018-2019

Sport Basketball - Boy's Placement 1A North
Head Coach Hank Charleston Email
Sport Basketball - Girl's Placement 1A North
Head Coach Sandy Benally Email
Sport Girls Wrestling Placement Division I
Sport Wrestling Placement Division IV Section IV
Head Coach Jimmy Carl Email


Spring Sports for 2018-2019

Sport Baseball Placement 1A North
Sport Softball Placement 1A North
Sport Track - Boy's Placement Division IV
Sport Track - Girl's Placement Division IV
Track Head Coach Sandy Benally Email