Recommended Guidelines for Return to Activity

AIA's Executive Board has endorsed guidelines for the return to sport and activity for competition in the fall.

Return to Activity Guidelines Sport Specific Modifications

2020 - 2022 Williams Field

Williams Field 5A San Tan

Activity Alignment Changes
Cross Country - Boy's Division II East
Cross Country - Girl's Division II East
Football 6A Fiesta Moved to 6A by AIA (Football Reclassification Committee.)
Golf - Boys (F) Division II Section IV
Golf - Girls (F) Division II Section IV
Swim/Dive - Boy's Division II
Swim/Dive - Girl's Division II
Volleyball - Girl's 5A San Tan
Basketball - Boy's 5A San Tan
Basketball - Girl's 5A San Tan
Soccer - Boy's (W) 5A San Tan
Soccer - Girl's (W) 5A San Tan
Wrestling - Boys Division II Section III
Baseball 5A San Tan
Softball 5A San Tan
Tennis - Boy's Division II Section V
Tennis - Girl's Division II Section V
Track - Boy's Division II
Track - Girl's Division II
Beach Volleyball - Girl's Division I Section V
Volleyball - Boy's 5A San Tan Was 5A .
Spiritline Division II