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Justin Plumb

Gilbert Classical Academy

1A-3A Scholar Activity Finalist

As Valedictorian, high school Chess Capitan, Junior High Chess coach and high school Speech and Debate Co-Capitan he continues to give back to his community as well as being a part of the Gilbert Classical Academy Student Government. Not only does Justin demonstrate good sportsmanship, he shows exemplary character in all areas of his life. Justin is a strong academic student and maintains a high GPA while taking Honors and AP courses. He has even taken college courses while balancing his high school academics and extracurricular activities.

Justin has been involved on his Chess and Speech & Debate teams all four years at Gilbert Classical Academy and has truly excelled in both activities. He understands that although matches can be competitive the sportsmanship to him is committing to the game and striving for victory but realizing that the rivalry between components didn’t extend outside the sport. He has tried to instill this in his fellow teammates as well as to his Junior High Chess Team.

Justin plans to attend Davidson and hopes to study either Law or Public Policy.


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