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Maria is an exceptional Unified Athlete. Nothing can stop her from achieving her goals. She is independent and a self-starter. For two years she has participated in Cheerleading, Dance, and Kickball. Maria loves being a Gila Ridge Hawk and constantly supports her school and teammates. She does not see herself, nor do her teammates see her, as one with disabilities. She is just as equal to them as they are to her.

Maria has been a true inspiration to all of her peers. When she first stated cheering she set a new standard for Gila Ridge High School, she opened the eyes and hearts of all the students. Her involvement and encouragement has made many of her peers join track and become Unified Athletes themselves. There were more athletes with disabilities this past year than there have been in the past.

Maria has the ability to walk herself to class every day, displaying the trustworthiness her peers and teachers have in her. She is constantly sitting with classmates, greeting friends, and giving high fives with a huge smile on her face as she walks down the halls. She has been a huge inspiration for her peers and is always helping them in the classroom. She cares greatly for all them and gives respect to others and they all give it right back. She is not only a great example for her peers with disabilities, but for the whole school.

In just two years, Maria has received 4 purple ribbons in 4H showmanship where she participates in showing swine. Just this past year with Maria performing a lift, her cheer team won 1st in the state. Her continuous hard work and positive attitude make Maria an exceptional athlete and fantastic role model for all.


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